Strathallan Crescent is named after Lord Strathallan pictured here

Strathallan Crescent, was built in the 1820’s on land owned by the 4th Duke of Athol who owned the Castle Mona estate. His daughter Lady Amelia Sophia and her husband James Drummond lived at the Castle Mona.

Generations earlier William Drummond, 4th Viscount Strathallan supported the Jacobite rebellion and the title ‘Viscount Strathallan’ was attainted (his son lost the hereditary title in 1746 because of his father’s actions). By Act of Parliament in 1824, the attainder of was reversed and James Drummond (above) became 8th Viscount Strathallan.

His wife persuaded the Duke, still then Governor, to change the name from East Mona to Strathallan Crescent!

Not long after the crescent was built, in 1828, Dorothy Wordsworth – sister of William Wordsworth, describes two of the houses on Strathallan Crescent in her diary;

Mrs. P.’s two houses each £200 well finished.”*

She goes on to describe**;

Road and flat sandy space to the sea –

a beautiful sea residence for the Solitary –

pleasant breezes, and sky clear of haziness.

A description we feel is still very fitting today!

*In 1837 Mr Jno Putnam is shown as occupying 7 Strathallan Crescent.
**The description of a flat access to the shore would agree with this address at the North end of Douglas Bay just south of the current Tram terminus.