Great Union Camera Obscura
3.2 miles away

Great Union Camera Obscura is well worth a visit. We went in May this year it is amazing!

This Victorian curiosity has entertained visitors for hundreds of years – offering a unique way to see the surrounding area and an opportunity to spy on fellow tourists! The Great Union Camera Obscura is unique amongst camera obscuras in the world as it has eleven lenses.

Unlike other structures, which were built for astronomical purposes, the Isle of Man’s camera obscura was built in 1892 purely as an attraction for the flourishing Manx tourist industry.

The masterpiece works by using a series of mirrors and lenses which are located around the roof line above a darkened room.

Views of the surrounding area are then projected onto a circular table which has been separated by partitions to give 11 moving colour pictures of the 360 degree view which includes Douglas harbour, the lighthouse and horizon.

Adverse weather conditions may interfere with viewing or prevent the Great Union Camera Obscura from opening – so remember when the flag is flying the attraction is open!

Open from May until mid-September, Saturdays 1pm – 4pm, Sundays and Bank Holidays 11am – 4pm.  Disabled access is limited and there is ample parking close to the attraction.

This picture is from Peter Manxscenes Photography.