Summerhill Glen
0.1 mile away

Summerhill Glen is only a 2 minute walk from the Apartments, situated at the northern end of Douglas promenade with entrances on Summerhill Road and Victoria Road. It is a popular beauty spot filled with streams and footpaths to explore and a vast array of flora and fauna.

Recently upgraded, the glen now features a new dramatic lighting display, (seasonal).

About Summerhill Glen

Set at the northern end of Douglas promenade, this glen survived well even though it is set close town. Summerhill Glen is a web of wide footpaths leading through trees and shrubs. Hidden in its interior lie animal seats carved out of wood for children, a gnome meet and mushroom hill. During the summer season (until the end of Oct), there is vast system of illuminations. A very popular and free evening attraction for visitors and locals alike. The lights are turned on at 7pm and off at 11pm. Guarding the coast side entrance to the glen are two old canons, sitting where once a small island defence point would have been maintained.

This glen is a beautiful place with slow moving streams and large pools of water. It is a retreat from the action of the capital Douglas, which though close by can seem miles away.